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    Watch: The new OTC nasal corticosteroids



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The introduction of nasal corticosteroids as OTCs is a game changer for both allergy sufferers and the pharmacists who counsel them on managing their symptoms.

Ajit Johal

6 top tips for pharmacists to help travellers get on their way safely

Whether for trekkers taking the road less travelled or intrepid hikers braving the urban jungle, pharmacists are the ideal go-to resource for health-conscious explorers. Read more


9 key steps you’ll want to know to ensure a violence-free pharmacy

Every pharmacy – whether a small independent or large chain outlet – should have a violence-in-the-workplace policy to safeguard employees... Read more


Sun’s up! Time to talk sun care with your patients

Sun care category is a perfect fit for pharmacy, providing an important point of interaction between pharmacist and patient. Read more


3 trends to drive true front shop growth

The face of retail pharmacy looks very different today from a few years ago, and front-of-shop retailing is a major driver of growth. Read more
Making the community a priority
After graduating from Dalhousie’s College of Pharmacy, Krista could have set up practice anywhere. However, she chose to purchase her own pharmacy in a small community.
Read more


CPhA – it’s time to take stock of our workforce

Data collection and analysis must improve in order to respond to the demands of a changing pharmacy practice. Read more


CFP’s Innovation Fund Grant supports great new ideas

It’s one thing to be a part of getting a good idea off the ground. But it’s a whole other experience to see it come to fruition. Read more


The art of the deal

This should have been the happiest of times. Would-be pharmacy owner John was the winner of a bid for a new pharmacy, and he was excited to settle in and get working. Read more

Forbes Pharmacy knows how to serve its communities

At his Eagle Creek Village pharmacy in Greater Victoria, Michael Forbes built an adjacent walk-in clinic that he leases to physicians. Just weeks after opening, it was entirely full with new patients. Read more


Treating patients with addiction problems with respect

The Respect Rx Pharmasave in Ottawa is not your ordinary community pharmacy. Read more

Safety Shot - 04_Yau_PB Sept2012_Takeaway Seniors

6 tips to run a better pharmacy

Running a successful pharmacy is not all fill and bill. Just ask pharmacist Ahmed Metwally. Read more

001_Yau_PB March 2014_Scope of Practice

Pharmacist Carlene Oleksyn’s sure-fire strategies to thrive from expanded scope opportunities

Mr. L. presents with a prescription for pregabalin 25 mg for diabetic neuropathic pain in his legs. The prescription is the same dose he’s been receiving for the past several months. Read more