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Denis Boissinot’s family pride


Being a pharmacist runs in my blood. My grandfather, Maurice, opened his Quebec City pharmacy in 1922. My Uncle André was Quebec’s first hospital pharmacist and the first university instructor in prescription compounding preparations at Université Laval. My father, Louis, opened his pharmacy in 1965 and I joined him in 1991, taking over when he retired.

By Denis Boissinot, owner, Pharmacie Denis Boissinot


Pharmacie Denis Boissinot is among the relatively few pharmacies in Canada with a non-sterilized preparation compounding lab. We customize medications for patients who need a very specific combination of drugs to combat a specific ailment or disease. We also prepare medications in forms that are not commercially available but would be easier for a patient to use – such as a liquid formula instead of a pill for someone who has difficulty swallowing.

It’s slightly over a year since we invested $250,000 to set up this lab and all of its specialized equipment – a big risk, for sure – but it’s steadily paying off. I hesitated to spend almost $6,000 on a blender for powders, but now I don’t know how we would manage without it.

We’re able to prepare almost every kind of medication and we do so for many other pharmacies in Quebec, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and even as far away as Alberta.

We have 450 pharmacies that avail themselves of our lab services at least once a year with many – especially community pharmacies within Quebec – often using our services. We prepare thousands of medications annually. In some cases, we’re the only pharmacy in Canada with the facilities and staff knowledge to prepare certain prescriptions, such as potent medications for skin cancer treatments.

Last year, the Quebec Order of Pharmacists introduced what are likely the strictest regulations in all of North America for non-sterile preparation compounding labs. I’m personally very glad that we’re being held to such high standards that enable our customers and other pharmacists to place their full trust in our lab and staff.