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Pharmacist Sandeep Sodhi’s Rx for a healthy practice

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Many of our patients and many residents of the Nova Scotia community where our pharmacy is located want to lose weight – and they want to keep it off.

We’re here to help.


By Sandeep Sodhi, co-owner and pharmacist, Village Family PharmaChoice, Truro, NS

Photography by Johanna Matthews


We started recommending the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, a meal supplement program that includes coaching and education.


Although it has not traditionally been pharmacists who offer this program, we felt that the combination of product and counselling makes it an ideal fit for pharmacists. We have patients whose weight poses significant medical concerns. We can manage their medications while we guide them through this weight-loss process. We provide them with a valuable service they can’t get elsewhere which enables us as pharmacists to enhance the health of our patients from a holistic perspective.


Due diligence is required before offering any new product or service, of course. We were particularly interested in a service that would enable us to interact with patients on a regular basis and open the door to discussion of lifestyle, stress, and other health-related issues. Providing a weight-loss program helps us connect with our patients on an issue that is important to them – and to celebrate their successes.


The response from patients to our combination of products and counselling has been very favourable. We have an option to help patients lose weight while continuing to build a strong relationship with them. People are also looking to buy the meal supplements, and this brings them into our store.


One of the factors that encouraged us to consider new services and products is the diminishing government funding for pharmacy services. We were looking for opportunities to offset cutbacks, including offering the tried-and-true services like our weekly foot clinics and regular blood collection, but also branching out to discover what else will resonate with patients, enhance their health, and attract new business.