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Watch: Pharmacy vet Dean Miller launches Whole Health Pharmacy Partners


Whole Health Pharmacy Partners, Canada’s newest pharmacy banner, says it’s looking to put independence back into independent pharmacy.

With the amount of corporate consolidation in the retail pharmacy market in Canada, independent pharmacy is faced with a growing number of challenges.  Research conducted by Whole Health Pharmacy Partners showed a growing dissatisfaction with the level of corporate control frequently being exerted over independent pharmacy.

“We launched because we saw a real need and opportunity to bring a new model of independence back to pharmacy,” said Whole Health Pharmacy Partners CEO Dean Miller in a news release.  “There are a lot of great pharmacists out there who are delivering amazing patient care within their communities, and who are committed to helping improve the profession. These are the pharmacists that we want to bring together.

Owner Phil Hauser, whose flagship Whole Health Pharmacy Partners store opened April 27th in Dunnville, Ont., added, “The ability to practice pharmacy the way you want to is really appealing in today’s market, and will be an obvious choice for owners who are committed to the betterment of their community and the profession. At the same time, this partnership model provides the right level of support that independent owners are looking for and has unique financial benefits.”

Doug Brown, pharmacist manager at Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry, one of the first stores to launch, said, “I’m excited to be part of a banner that is really focused on supporting independent pharmacists. Letting the pharmacist direct their practice makes sense because they really know their community health needs and priorities.”

When discussing the uniqueness of Whole Health Pharmacy Partners, Phil Hauser added, “We’re looking for motivated pharmacists who are committed to making a change for the better, for their patients, their practice, and ultimately to define the future of the profession and a sustainable model for independent pharmacy. I think the model is appealing.”

Whole Health Pharmacy Partners has plans to establish a national partnership of like-minded pharmacists striving to provide the best possible professional care they can. Along with the 20 stores planned to open over the next few months, hundreds of pharmacists have already expressed interest in this new model that offers partners banner satisfaction, operational autonomy, transparency, geographic exclusivity, and proven leadership.